Treatz Dessert Parlour Slough

The best dessert parlour in slough. You name it from varieties of flavoured ice cream to crepes, waffles, banana split, milkshakes, pancakes, cookie dough, smoothies, chillers drink, cake on and on and lots of mouth-watering desserts. This is the place to enjoy good treats for all the family friends and loved ones.

Lotus Pancake


4 layers of freshly made American pancakes drenched in scrumptious lotus syrup coated with crumbled biscuit and ice cream




Waffles with Nutella, banana slices and ice cream covered in chopped nuts


Strawberry Villa


Strawberry Crepes with Belgium milk chocolate, fresh strawberry slices and vanilla ice cream



Vanilla ice cream serves with a shot of hot Espresso finished with rich chocolate sauce.



Oreo cookie Dough


Worm and gooey Oreo chocolate chip cookie dough, served with finest cookies and cream gelato finished with Belgium milk chocolate.



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