Mahdi Restaurant (Persian)

Mahdi Restaurant in Hammersmith with walking distant from the underground station, is a Persian restaurant that serve tradition Persian dishes. The place is spacious with cosy Persian décor. The staff are welcoming and the food are delicious. If you into trying different dishes this is the place.

Mirza Ghasemi


Grilled aubergine, garlic, egg and tomato puree


Kashka Bademjan


Pan fried aubergine, onions, herbs, garlic and whey sauce.




Mashed Chickpeas, garlic, sesame puree with olive oil.


Dolma Vine Leaves


Wrapped vine leaves with rice and lentils


Mix grill



Stream cooked rice topped wit saffron and rare barberries


Tandoor Pistachio Naan Bread


Tandoor Sesames Naan Bread

Bagola polo

Khoreah Ghorme sabzi

Khoresh Bamie

Persian rice


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