Kinghat Brazilian Fish Stew (Moqueca Baiana)

Moqueca also known as Muqueca, is a Brazilian dish consist on salt water fish stew, tomatoes, onions, garlic and coriander. It is slowly cooked in a terra cotta casserole with prawns, includes boneless fish. Originally from Espirito Santo in the southeast of Brazil, also coming from the state Bahia in the Northeast.

This dish is found in two variants.Moqueca Baiana from Bahia and Moqueca Capixaba from Espirito Santo.

Moqueca Baiana from Bahia an afro Brazilian version differs by using coconut milk and red palm oil. On the other hand Moqueca Capixaba from Espirito Santo and influenced by native Brazilian mixed with Portuguese cuisine it is considered a softer and tenderer version of Moqueca. No coconut milk is used and extra virgin oil used instead of the palm oil.


Preparation 15 minutes

Cooking time 20 to 25 minutes

Service 4



800g of thick fish fillets

6 to 8 prawns

3 tomatoes

2 onions

3 cloves garlic crushed

2 lemon

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

5 table spoon of olive oil

½ a cup Dende red palm oil

1 tin of coconut milk

Chilli (optional)

1 bunch of coriander chopped

Salt to taste




Marinate the fish and the prawns with the lime juice and salt and set in the fridge while preparing the other ingredients

Slice the tomatoes, onions and bell peppers into round slices and set aside separately.

Chop the coriander and set aside.


On low heat use a casserole or clay pot.

Add the olive oil when heated add a half layer of onion, then the tomato, then the bell peppers making a bed for the fish.

Add the sliced fish And cover it with the chilli and garlic.

lay the reaming onion on top of the fish, then the tomato, then the bell peppers.

Add the can of coconut milk and the Palm Oil.

Add the chopped coriander and season with salt.

Cover the pot and let it cook for 15 minutes on medium high heat untouched.

Then add the shrimps on top and cover allow it to simmer for another 5 minutes or until the shrimps are cooked and pink in colour.

When the fish is cooked and there is enough broth, the Moqueca is ready.

Serve with plain white rice.




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