Wingmans Kilburn London

This chicken wings restaurant was recommended by my niece. It is a Halal restaurant. Was amazed by the service we had from Nathan Pomerance. Chicken wings are not my cup of tea but wingmans proved me wrong. The selection of mouth-watering flavours would only make you want to eat more. The atmosphere is great and the staffs are friendly. Well recommended to visit will definitely go back for more



 Chive, celery, blue cheese

Shanghal oriental


Ginger, spring onion, red chilli, black sesame, kewpie, coriander


Jamaican me crazy


Extra hot scotch bonnet, spring onion, ginger, coriander


Seoulja Boi


Pickled daikon, spring onion, coriander, pineapple, roasted sesame dressing, sesame seed, lime



Short rib Mac and cheese


Fries, smoked rosemary salt

Fries, truffle butter, parmesan, chive

Sweet potato fries, maple syrup, caramelized pecan salt



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