Saravanaa Bhavan Leicester Squarer

Saravanaa Bhavan is a vegetarian restaurant that serves varied textures, diversity of flavours and harmony of multitude of ingredients. Creating a perfect well-presented dish.

During my visit to the one in Leicester square. I was given a small table for the two of us despite requested a bigger table to explore several dished. The waiter refuses to grant me one. I was disappointed and had to leave my table and approach a different waiter called Marco who was more helpful and polite. He offered me the option to choose any table I like. He took our order and saved the day.

The food was tasty well presented exactly what I was expecting and wish for. Thank you, Marco, for your professional service, loyalty to your establishment and great customer care. I will definitely come back and recommend the restaurant to others.

Paani Poori

Stuffed crisp, mini poori with flavoured sauce


Potato deep fried in Indian spices


South Indian Thali

Masala Dosa

With Savoury potato stuffing

Channa bhatura


Rave masala Dosa

Fried idly


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