Rickshaw Road Indian Street Food Slough

In India Street food is a way of life and part of the culture. Street food are classed as finger food and fast food. It is often sold from a portable food booth and meant for immediate consumption.

Rickshaw Road has brought street fare, colourful and amazing flavours every India city, town and region has to offer into one place including flavours from Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Always wanted to try the thali. Thali is the Indian name for Round Platter used to serve food. A selection of various dishes which are served on a platter.

The staffs where welcoming and the food tasted very good. I really enjoyed my meal and will definitely recommend it.



Samosa Chat

Panjab samosa, served with yoghurt, chutney and chickpeas garnish

Pani Poori

Semolina shells filled with spiced potato, chickpeas and cumin flavoured tangy water.

Chilli garlic Moho

Aloo Baingan with pulao rice

Chenna masala dosa

Vegetarian Thali

Paneer Butter masala, dal, yoghurt. Served with vegetable, yoghurt, chutney chapatti, rice, poppadum’s and Gulab Jamun



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