Kinghat Sierra Leone Groundnut soup/stew (Peanut Butter)

Ground Nut Soup or Stew is a West African delicacy that is prepared from Groundnut which is mashed into a smooth paste. Depend on what part of West Africa, The soup/stew is eaten with rice, fufu, banku, kenkey, garii and so on.

It is often consumed in Sierra Leone as one of their famous dishes.

Preparation 15 min

Cooking 1 ½ hour

Serve 8-10


1 full chicken cut into 8 pieces skinless

800g m Mutton Chops

500g smooth peanut butter

3 large diced onion

½ cup vegetable oil

½ cup palm oil

1 diced scotch bonnet (couple for the finishing) optional

4 maggi cubes

8 cups of water

Salt to taste


In a reasonably sized pot, heat the vegetable oil on medium high heat. When hot, brown the mutton chops on both side until dark crust all over and set aside.

In the same pot fry the chicken until golden brown in colour and set aside.

Using the same pot add the palm oil and let it heat. When heated add the diced onions and stair. Scraping up those caramelized brown bits from the bottom of the pot until soften. Flavours comes from the good sear bits.

Add the diced scotch bonnet and give it a stir for 1 min.

Now add only the mutton chops to the onion give it a stir

Then add the 8 cups of water and crush the maggi cubes in, let it simmer covered till the mutton is 80% cooked.

You will notice the water has reduced a bit now gently add the smooth peanut butter and constantly stir so that it does not stick to the bottom keep stirring until well dissolved.

Now lower the heat to avoid the peanut butter from boiling over and cover the pot half way. DO NOT cover complete or the peanut butter will boil over and create a mess all over your cooker. You should stir every 10 minutes to avoid the peanut butter sticking at the bottom.

When the water is reduced you will notice the stew is thickening and the oil starting to emerge.

Add the cooked chicken and complete scotch bonnet and cover the pot on low heat and simmer so it cooks trough.

When it’s well thickened and the oil has emerged completer the stew is done.

Serve it with rice and enjoy.


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