Al_ Jabal Bakery London

Al_ Jabal Bakery delivers classic flavours and original combinations to the neighbourhoods and beyond, with a good selection of Manakish, Kaak and other pasties. They catered Lebanese cuisine for every occasion, from birthdays to weeding you name it and they done it. Prepared fresh every day at their bakery in Acton, using only the finest ingredients. The most authentic, freshest, and tastiest Mediterranean food in London. For more than 20 years they have made a strong commitment and proud to keep it that way. The staffs are friendly and surely will make you feel at home. Why not live the moment and see for yourself. Home sick then Al-Jabal Bakery is as close as you can get to home.

Mini flat bread falafel cocktail sandwiches

Deep fried ball, chickpeas, fava beans and spices


Fried wheat balls with minced lamb

Cocktail pizza

Sfiha Baalbakiah

Spiced minced lamb pastries

Safiha cheese

Halloumi cheese

Cocktail spinach

Spinach, onion and lemon juice

Large spinach Sfiha

Spinach, onion and lemon juice

Lahem Bi Ajjin

Traditional cooked minced lab with tomato and spices

Manakeesh Jibneh

Halloumi cheese

Manakeesh Zaatar and Jibneh

Zaatar = Mix dried thyme, oregano, sesame seeds with olive oil

Warak Enab

Vine leaves filled with rice and minced meat


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