La pain quotidian means the (daily bread). The bread serves as the canvas for a myriad of organic and seasonal ingredients. The founder is Alain coumont from Belgium. As a chef, he carried his childhood memory .Every Wednesday he visited his grand mere’s house and was greeted with a small bowl of steaming hot chocolate. He then brought that warmth to the tables of La pain quotidian.

Visited La pain quotidian one morning to try their breakfast. Organic bread and pasties. The croissants are so tasty and crispy falls apart in your mouth as you eat. I really enjoyed their service and quality of breakfast.


Soft-boiled organic egg, smocked Atlantic salmon, mini granola parfait, organic croissant.

Americana coffee in a bowl

 Hot chocolate in a bowl

Organic yogurt with organic cereals and organic strawberry

Organic jam and marmalade

Fresh organic orange juice

 Desserts patisserie

Hot organic croissant filled with aged Gruyere

Baked eggs with salmon


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