Carluccio’s London Westfield

Carluccio’s London Westfield one of my regular restaurants. The new menu is out. Had to taste their new selection.

Sicilian Arancini

Street food Sicily-style. Crispy rice balls with buffalo mozzarella and basil. Also with provone cheese and meat ragu. Served with pepolata pepper sauce.

 Stuffed peppers

Roasted red and yellow peppers, stuffed with spinach, datterio tomatoes, ricotta, goat cheese, and garlic breadcrumbs.

 Truffled macaroni cheese


Rich creamy cheese sauce with truffle and topped with garlic breadcrumbs.

 Sea bream in padella


Delicate pan fried sea bream served with fennel salad.

 Chicken alla griglia


A chicken supreme marinated in French Italian herbs and chargrilled. Served with a side of capricciosa vegetable slaw.

 Garlic cheese bread

Crispy calamari


Antipasti to share

Crispy ciabatta with three topping fresh baby plum tomatoes with basil and garlic, goat cheese with red onion marmalade, and caponata – a traditional aubergine stew from Sicily.

Strawberry and pistachio Italian cake

chocolate fudge cake and vanilla ice cream

Mint tea

You can also see more of Carluccio’s London Westfield by clicking my blog link below:



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