When I was in London I was craving for deserts and I really wanted the best sticky toffee pudding in London. I am not easy and when I want something I want it and I want the best. So I did my research via the web and came across the Abingdon in Kensington. They were recommended to do the best sticky toffee pudding in London.Well the only way to find out is to try it. So I called the restaurant to make sure they have sticky toffee pudding. As I did not want to travel all that way for nothing. I spoke to a member of staff by the name of Ben who assured me that they do have and will keeps one for me. All I need to do is ask for him when I come to the restaurant.

On my arrival I asked for Ben and I was offered a place to sit. The place was packed with people and very busy. I was surprised to find that it was not just any bar but a really nice environment restaurant to enjoy a good meal with drinks. The staff were welcoming and professional.

Ben came over and introduce himself. I ordered a cup of coffee while I waited for my sticky toffee pudding. Here it came, the moment of truth. First impression the presentation was superb and now the mouth would have to do the rest. As I scooped my fist spoon in to my mouth O.M.G the taste and flavours of the clotted cream and toffee were hitting me all over the place. This is what I call the best sticky toffee pudding I had tasted in my life. I sat down and slowly took in every little spoon hoping for it not to finish. I will never order any sticky toffee pudding from another restaurant but from here and I will not be convinced that they will be any better than what I had.

Now I cannot wait to go back there and try their food accompanied by the pudding.


Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce & clotted cream



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